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2015 PSYSC Science Olympiad

The Ateneo de Davao Grade School competed in the 2015 PSYSC Science Olympiad Bracket 1 (Elementary) held at Philippine Women's last September 5, 2015 and in the national finals on September 26, 2015 at PHIVOLCS, UP Diliman.

The contestants are:

  • David Joseph G. Mendoza (Grade VI - St. Ignatius)
  • Hugh Gabriel M. Taglucop (Grade VI - St. Ignatius)
  • Donnamae Feliz C. Dioso (Grade V - Rizal)

The coaches are Ms. Genevive Samante (for Science) and Ms. Janice Escandor (for IT)


The team won the following:

Ateneo Summer Sports Camp

The Ateneo de Davao University Summer Sports Camp stars on April 6, 2015. You may call the Athletics Department for more details.

National Math & Science Quest Winners

Congratulations to our pupils  who won in the following contests:

2015 National Math Quest (February 6-7, 2015)

Carol Josef A. Fuñe, Grade 3  - First Place (Individual Category)

Mary Grace U. Espino, Grade 4 - Second Place (Individual Category)

Mary Grace U. Espino - First Place (Team Category)

2015 National Science Quest (February 6-7, 2015)

Jose Nell Andrew S. Tumulak, Grade 6 - Second Place (Individual Category)

David Joseph Mendoza, Grade 5 - National Qualifier

2015 Regional Math Quest (January 21, 2015)

Carol Josef A. Fuñe, Grade 3  - First Place 

Mary Grace U. Espino, Grade 4 - First Place

Children's Science Interactive Workshop (CSIW) 2014

Congratulations to the pupils who won several awards in the Children's Science Interactive Workshop (CSIW) held in Pampanga on December 15-19, 2014


Johann Gervace Daguio - Fourth Place, Certificate

David Joseph Mendoza - Fifth Place, Certificate

2. BEST BATA AWARD (Leadership Award)

Jose Nell Andrew Tumulak - Gold Medallion

Australian Math Competition (AMC) and International Competition & Assessments (ICAS)

Congratulations to the following pupils who were awarded with distinction, credit and participation certificates in Australian Math Competition (AMC) and in International Competition and Assessments (ICAS). Awarding ceremony was held on November 16, 2014 at 3:00 pm at the SM Annex Building, Ecoland, Davao City




Australian Math


Ateneo Grade School Qualifies for the National Finals of PSYSC 2014

The Ateneo de Davao Grade School competed in the 2014 PSYSC Science Olympiad held in Digos City last Saturday, September 6, 2014.

The contestants are:

Grade School Pupils Win in the 2014 World Mathematics International

MARC LINNUS VALES (5th grader from class Escoda) and MARIA CARMELA R. OBCENA (3rd grader from class Lapu-Lapu), won in the 2014 World Mathematics International (WMI) held in National University of Taiwan on August 9-13, 2014. Both of them garnered a Merit Ceertificate in the competition.

We congratulate Marc Linnus and Maria Carmela on their success.  We thank their coach, Roselyn Obcena, for a job well done.

(GS SAH-Math 8/27/2014)

Social Action and Lady Baden Powell Clubs: Overnight Planning and Team Building

Last August 1 and 2, 2014, the Social Action Club and the Lady Baden Powell Club had an overnight planning and team building activity at AdDU Grade School.  As Social Action Club members, it was quite a different experience having an overnight activity with another club.  Having new friends and socializing with them was fun.  We pitched our tents together and even shared dinner.  During the team building activity, we played the "boat is sinking".  In the next activity, each group was tasked to construct a tower made of straws held together by tape.  Even though we don't know each other that much, we still worked together as a team.

Grade School Intramurals Kicks Off

August 1, 2014 was the official kick-off for the GS Intramurals 2014.  Grade 3-6 pupils participated in the event. The Dance Club and the PEP squad gave a wonderful performance to add color and vibe to the opening program.  Aside from the traditional torch lighting which featured selected pupils from the different events and the grade level heads of Grade 3-6, one highlight was the unveiling of the grade level moniker.  Grade 3 classes were the Pioneers as their sections were the pioneers in our quest for sovereignty.


Calendar of Activities

Field Demo 29 Oct 2015
Field Demo Dress Rehearsal 28 Oct 2015
GS United Nations' Day Program 22 Oct 2015
Grades 1-6 Living Rosary 21 Oct 2015
Araling Panlipunan Week 19 Oct 2015 to 23 Oct 2015
2nd Quarter Assessment/Periodical Test 07 Oct 2015 to 09 Oct 2015
TEACHERS DAY 05 Oct 2015
Feast of the Archangels - Blessing of October Medals 02 Oct 2015
KAB Scouts & Star Scouts Investiture 02 Oct 2015
Gr. 3 First Communion 27 Sep 2015
Second Quarter Long Test for Grades 5 & 6 08 Sep 2015 to 15 Sep 2015
First Quarter Card Day (Whole Day) 04 Sep 2015
Opening of Classes 08 Jun 2015
Pupil Orientation Days (half day schedule) 08 Jun 2015 to 10 Jun 2015
Orientation for New Pupils with their Parents 06 Jun 2015
Orientation for Honors Class Pupils and their Parents 03 Jun 2015
Annual Faculty Retreat 30 Mar 2015 to 01 Apr 2015
Gr. 6 Graduation Day 26 Mar 2015
Gr. 5 Recognition Day (AM) 25 Mar 2015
Gr. 3 Recognition Day (AM) & Gr. 4 Recognition Day (PM) 24 Mar 2015
Gr. 1 Recognition Day (AM) & Gr. 2 Recognition Day (PM) 23 Mar 2015
Kindergarten Moving Up 19 Mar 2015
St. Joseph Mass - Year End Mass 19 Mar 2015
Gr. 6 Graduation Bash 18 Mar 2015
ARAW NG DABAW (holiday) 16 Mar 2015
Gr. 6 National Achievement Test 12 Mar 2015
Grades 1-5 4th Qtr Periodical Exam 03 Mar 2015 to 05 Mar 2015
Faculty & Staff Lenten Recollection 03 Mar 2015
Grades 1&2 Day Camp - Badge Ceremony/Thinking Day 27 Feb 2015
Grade 6 4th Qtr Periodical Exam 27 Feb 2015 to 03 Mar 2015
EDSA Revolution (HOLIDAY) 25 Feb 2015
Grade 1 Speech Festival 24 Feb 2015
Grade 2 Speech Festival 23 Feb 2015
Gr 3 Star Scout Badge/Thinking Day 20 Feb 2015
Chinese New Year (HOLIDAY) 19 Feb 2015
Grade 3 Field Trip 16 Feb 2015
Grade 6 Speech Festival 12 Feb 2015
Grade 5 Speech Festival 11 Feb 2015
Grades 3 & 4 Speech Festival 09 Feb 2015
Community Engagement - ADECOR Samal Island 31 Jan 2015
4th Qtr. Long Test 26 Jan 2015 to 02 Feb 2015
Information Technology week 26 Jan 2015 to 30 Jan 2015
Community Engagement - ADECOR Samal Island 24 Jan 2015
● 3rd Qtr. Card Day 23 Jan 2015
● Sinulog Celebration 23 Jan 2015
Papal Participation: IYC Mass with the Pope 18 Jan 2015
Community Engagement - ADECOR Samal Island 17 Jan 2015
Ignatian Youth Camp 13 Jan 2015 to 17 Jan 2015